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Sophia Loren Actress and Model

Sophia Loren is one of the most successful actresses in the history of Hollywood.

She has starred in over 60 films, and she is best known for her roles in “Marriage Italian Style” and “Boy on a Dolphin”.

She became an international sex symbol during the 1960s with films like “The Millionairess” and “El Cid”.

pics of celeb

Sophia Loren: Your Dream Woman

Sophia Loren is an icon for women the world over. Born in 1934, she's been famous for decades now.

With her Mediterranean looks and powerful presence, she has become a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

Her movies have spanned many genres - from romantic comedies to dramas, action films to suspense thrillers.

One of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood history, Sophia Loren's beauty and charm were undeniable.

Born in 1934 in Rome, Italy, Loren was born to a Catholic family with traditional values.

After working as a housemaid to make ends meet during the war, she started modeling which led to an acting career.

In 1950 she starred in her first film "The Gold of Naples," which catapulted her into stardom.

Sophia Loren is a timeless beauty

It is no secret that Sophia Loren has stood the test of time.

The Italian actress, who was discovered in Rome at the age of 14, is now well into her 80s and still stunning.

Her youthful complexion and captivating smile are what make her so timeless.

With all of her work in films, television, and theatre throughout the decades, she is still regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in history.


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