who played Cathy in wuthering heights 1939

 who played Cathy in wuthering heights 1939

She was Merle Oberon (born Estelle Merle O'Brien Thompson; 19 February 1911 – 23 November 1979) an Indian-born British actress. here she is with David Niven in the movie

Wuthering Heights actress's secret: Her sister was actually her mother

The 1939 film adaptation of Wuthering Heights is one of the most classic Hollywood adaptations of all time.

While there have been many different actresses playing the role of Cathy, Merle Oberon arguably gave the best performance in the role.

She brought a sense of vulnerability and passion to the character that helped make her one of the most iconic portrayals of all time.

Her chemistry with Laurence Olivier, who played Heathcliff in the film, was also incredibly powerful and helped make the film an instant classic.

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