The Red Hot Relationship Between Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra


Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra were one of Hollywood’s most infamous couples. In an era of MGM contracts and secret love affairs, Gardner and Sinatra exploded into the gossip columns when they were spotted out for dinner together in 1950.

They had been secretly dating for some months before this while Sinatra’s long-suffering wife Nancy was left at home caring for two children and a new-born baby.

At the time of their first meeting, Gardner was married to Mickey Rooney, and she would go through a series of affairs and another marriage before the two met again.

It seemed like nothing could stop the flame between Gardner and Sinatra. Before they had even met, Sinatra saw a photo of Gardner and told friends “I’m going to marry that woman.”

During the years between their first meeting and the beginning of their affair, Ava had become a star in her own right. Capitalizing on her dramatic looks and femme fatale image, she was MGM’s hottest property, with a movie star love life to match.

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Homewrecker at heart' Ava Gardner made Frank Sinatra divorce his wife but she wouldn't give up her one night stands to stay faithful and devastated the crooner when he found out she had two abortions
A new biography of sultry star Ava Gardner reveals she had affairs with many of Hollywood's married leading men including Robert Taylor and Fred MacMurray
She thought there was a sexist double standard in the way people viewed women who cheated
Frank Sinatra was praised for being a ladies man who never spent a night alone, but Gardner wasn't much different
When Sinatra was married to Nancy, Ava made him take her to confront his wife and prove that he had asked for a divorce.
Gardner cheated on him throughout their six-year marriage but said on her deathbed she regretted not having a good education, a husband or children
She had two abortions during their relationship which left Sinatra devastated
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