Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton: A Love Story For The Ages


        Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton: A Love Story For The Ages

When two Hollywood icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton got together, it was the stuff of legend. The pair had an on-again, off-again relationship that spanned over a decade. Their love story was full of drama and passion - and it made for great headlines. 

At first, their relationship was a publicity stunt to promote their new movie. But soon, the two fell in love for real. They had a tempestuous relationship, full of fights and makeups. Burton even once said about Taylor, "She's got everything - beauty, intelligence, wealth."

Despite their ups and downs, the two remained devoted to each other until the end. In fact, when Burton died in 1984, Taylor refused to leave his side until he was buried. She called him "the great love of my life.

Their relationship was a testament to old Hollywood glamour and star power. It was a time when movie stars could truly be larger than life, and Burton and Taylor embodied that spirit perfectly.

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