Lana Turner's life before she became a Hollywood actress


Early years: Lana Turner was born in poverty and her childhood consisted of a string of unhappy events, including an alcoholic mother and a father who was killed when Lana was still young. 

She lived with her mother, but the two often fought and clashed. When Lana hit puberty at age 12, she felt that she was too old to be living with her family and began working as soon as possible.

Friends and family:

Many people know the story of how Lana Turner became a Hollywood actress while sitting in a soda fountain. What many don't know is that before she turned 18, Lana Turner had to take care of her family. The 1930s were difficult for the Turner family after they lost their farm during the Great Depression. To compensate, Lana's mother took in other people's clothes to clean so she could sew them back together and sell them.


Lana Turner was born in the small town of Wallace, Idaho. She lived with her mother and father, who was an alcoholic. She had a tumultuous childhood, dealing with her mother's multiple marriages, the death of her father, and her own struggles with an eating disorder. Lana overcame these obstacles to become one of Hollywood's most famous actresses.

Lana turner her 1st big break, shortly after she was 18 years old, Lana was signed to a contract with Warner Brothers. She developed a reputation for being a good actress. Her big break was as Joan Blondell's understudy:

in the film, "Good Girls Go to Paris".

In conclusion, Lana Turner was a game changer for Hollywood. She paved the way for strong female leads. Her life can be used as an example of how not to live.

Some say that Lana Turner's life is an example of how not to live. She was ambitious, beautiful, and had a movie star attitude, but she didn't know when to stop. It all led up to her dying of throat cancer at 74.

                                Lana turner and her daughter

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