The Best Bette Davis Movies Of All Time

 Introduction: There are many great Bette Davis movies, but these are the best of the best.

1. Now voyager made in 1942
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Now Voyager Made In 1942 Boston heiress Charlotte Vale (Bette Davis) is a neurotic mess, mostly because of her domineering mother (Gladys Cooper). But after a time  in a sanatorium where she receives the attention of Dr. Jasquith (Claude Rains), Charlotte comes out of her shell and decides to go on a cruise. Aboard the  ship she meets Jerry (Paul Henreid) and falls in love, despite his being married. They enjoy a brief fling in Rio before returning to America, where Charlotte struggles to forget him and find happiness.

2. All About Eve made in 1950

All About Eve is a 1950 American film written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. The screenplay by Mankiewicz is based on the 1946 short story "The Wisdom of Eve" by Mary Orr, which was adapted for the stage in 1949 by the same writer. The film stars Bette Davis as Margo Channing, a highly respected but aging Broadway actress, and Anne Baxter as Eve Harrington, an ambitious young fan who insinuates herself into Channing's life, ultimately trying to take over her career. 

The film was nominated for 14 Academy Awards, and won six: Best Picture, Best Director (Mankiewicz), Best Actress (Davis), Best Supporting Actress (Baxter), Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Black-and-White) (George James Hopkins and Sam Comer), and Best Costume Design (Edith Head).

3. Jezebel made in 1938

Bette Davis in 1938 in Jezebel, as spoiled, strong-willed belle Julie Marsden, a role that would make her a household name. Jezebel is considered one of the best Bette Davis movies of all time and showcases her talent for drama . The film also features a young Henry Fonda as Davis' love interests.

4. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? made in 1962

Bette Davis was one of Hollywood's most iconic and successful actresses. She is best known for her roles in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, made in 1962, as the mentally disturbed sister of Joan Crawford

5. Dark victory made in 1939  the movie "Dark Victory" was released, starring Bette Davis. The film tells the story of a woman who is diagnosed with a terminal illness, but finds love and happiness in her last days. The movie was a box office success, and is considered to be one of Davis' best performances.

Bette Davis was one of Hollywood's biggest stars in the 1930s and 1940s. She starred in some of the most popular films of her era, including Dark Victory (1939). Davis was known for her dramatic performances and her ability to play complex female characters. Her career peaked in the late 1940s, but she continued to make movies until her death in 1989.

6.  In 1940, Bette Davis starred in a movie called "The Letter" about a woman who kills her lover. The movie was based on a play by W. Somerset Maugham and was directed by William Wyler. It was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, but lost to "Rebecca".

7. The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex  In the movie "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex," Bette Davis portrays a young, vivacious Elizabeth I who is in love with the dashing Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex (played by Errol Flynn). The two are seemingly perfect for each other, but their love is forbidden because Essex is a commoner. Elizabeth must choose between her love for Essex and her duty to the throne, and the film follows the ups and downs of their tumultuous relationship.

Despite their differences, Elizabeth and Essex are drawn to each other like magnets. They share a mutual respect for each other's intelligence and strength, and they both know how to play the game of politics. However, their love is constantly tested by those who are opposed to it.

8. Of human bondage made in 1934 with a sharp London accent, Davis played the , sexy blond waitress Mildred who smittens a sensitive medical student and wanna-be artist, played by Leslie Howard.

9. "The man who came to dinner" is a 1942 classic film starring Bette Davis. The story is about a famous author, Sheridan Whiteside, who slips on the ice and ends up being invited to stay at the home of the Stanley family while he recovers. His presence quickly becomes a burden to the Stanleys, as Whiteside takes over their home and life. The film is full of witty dialogue and hilarious moments, and is considered a classic romantic comedy.

10. In 1964, moviegoers were introduced to one of the most twisted and dark tales ever put to film. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte was released that year and starred Bette Davis in the leading role. The movie follows Charlotte, a woman who has been living in seclusion since she was implicated in the murder of her married lover. When a relative comes to visit Charlotte, she realizes that she is not alone in her fears and secrets. 

The movie was shot on location in Louisiana and it's easy to see why - the murky swamps and moss-draped oaks create an eerie backdrop for Charlotte's dark story. The cast is excellent, with Davis joined by Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead, and Cecil Kellaway.

11. The little foxes  made in 1941 she plays Regina Giddens  a married woman resentful at not being as rich as her brothers who are the legal heirs to their father’s fortune

12 Mr Skeffington made in 1944 the classic movie "Mr. Skeffington" starring Bette Davis, 
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In 1944, Bette Davis starred in a movie called Mr. Skeffington. It was based on a novel of the same name by Elizabeth van Arnim. The story is about a woman named Fanny who is married to a man named Skeffington who is very much in love with her. However, she has no feelings for him whatsoever and spends her time trying to find ways to make him miserable. Meanwhile, she falls in love with another man and starts to realize just how unhappy she is with her current situation. 

The movie was well-received by critics and was nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Bette Davis. It's now considered to be a classic film noir.

The 1998 remake of "Mr. Skeffington" stars Jennifer Jason Leigh as Fanny and Armand Assante as Mr. Skeffington.

Conclusion: These are the best Bette Davis movies, in my opinion,

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