Jason robards

Jason Nelson robards Jr born July 26th 1922 and died December 26th 2000 an American stage Film and Television actor 
He was a winner  of a Tony award two Academy Awards and an Emmy award
Born in Chicago,  robard's was of German English Welsh Irish and Swedish descent

He joined the naval service in World War II, he was assigned to the heavy cruiser USS Northampton in 1941 as radioman
Robards gets into acting after the war  his career began slowly he moved to New York City and found  small parts   

Robards had 6 children from his four marriages including the actor Jason robards III two others with his first wife 

He married Lauren Bacall in   1961 they divorced in 1969 mostly because of his alcoholism and he had two more children with his fourth wife lois  O'Connor 

1972 was seriously injured in a car crash he drove his car into the side of a mountain 

He was a resident of Fairfield Connecticut he died of lung cancer in Connecticut on December 26th year 2000 at the age of 78

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